Semalt Islamabad Specialist – What Is A Spider Bot & How To Fix It?

Various people focus on placing lots of keywords and phrases with backlinks in their profile sections of blogs and the comment section. How the bots and spiders work and how the information is placed on the text will determine how well your site is ranked in the search engine results.

Sohail Sadiq, a leading expert from Semalt, focuses here on the fact that you should instruct the spiders and crawlers about how your web pages should be indexed, and this can be done with the tag:rel="nofollow" anchor. It will definitely decrease the outgoing number of your links and will help maintain your site's page-rank for a lifetime.

MSNbot, Googlebot, and Yahoo Slurp are all bots, crawlers, and spiders that are responsible for harvesting information for the search engines. If you track the statistics of your website, you may see Yahoo Slurp, Googlebot, and MSNbot as welcomed guests and these search engine bots collect information about your web pages for their respective search engines. Seeing these spiders and bots frequently is desirable as it means your site is being crawled almost daily and its content will be shown up in the search engine results (SERPs).

What is a spider bot?

A spider bot is a specific computer program that follows particular links on a website and collects information about that site to be shared online. For instance, Googlebot follows the SRC or HREF tags to locate images and pages that are related to a particular niche. As these crawlers are not the actual computer programs, we cannot depend on them as they get caught by the dynamically created websites and blogs. When it comes to indexing your website through Googlebot, you would have to bear in mind that certain pages and images will not be appropriately indexed. Even the reputable and famous spiders obey particular instructions and directions of the robots.txt file. It is a document file that informs spiders and bots what they should index and what they should not crawl. You can also instruct the robots not to follow any link of a page with the specific meta-tags such as "Googlebot".

How to fix the bots?

Some bots are good while the others are bad and should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. The bad bots don't care anything about the robots.txt files, and are there to collect your sensitive information as well as your email IDs. To fight the bad bots and similar spam, you should use the javascript as it helps hide your email addresses. However, anything that's written to avoid the bad bots will be broken by the worst bots in no time. Companies fight bad bots and give them what they are looking for, hiding their email addresses and sensitive information. They are smart enough to guess all the email addresses in no time. We hope that will have cleared up your confusions about what are bots and how do they work. You now know the difference between bots and spiders or crawlers and how they collect information about your website or blog. If you have more questions in your mind, you may post them in the comment section and can expect a reply soon.

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